The Dead Girl

The Dead Girl

Really fantastic movie, my favorite in crime category. No finer movie has ever been made in crime category espacially in 2016... and it is now for free. If a movie can manage me to stay hooked on the whole movie online, that's fucking impressive. I'm big fan of crime movies. People call me insane when I tell em I've seen whole movie online like 10+ times. It's so good. I still remember the first time I watched The Dead Girl online. It was simply an amazing experience that I remember to this day. This director is great. With The Dead Girl online he seems to be setting himself some kind of a test - how far over the top can he go? I just bought this movie on blu ray and decided to upload full movie The Dead Girl here, so everyone now can see it online for free.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Country: United States

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 8,9

Views: 53